Double degree with Northwestern State University (USA)



The School of Economics and Business selects students of the Degree in Administration and Direction of Companies to study during an academic year in Northwestern State University (U.S.), according to an international double degree agreement under whose terms and requirements will be obtained simultaneously the following degrees:

  • DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, offered by the School of Economics and Business of the University of Alicante.
  • MAJOR IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, toffered by the School of Business of the Northwestern State University.


To obtain the Major in Business Administration the students selected will have to pass all the basic and compulsory courses of the Degree in Business Administration in the UA (198 ECTS) and complete the following courses in Northwestern State University, registering compulsorily of the following courses during the exchange:



BUAD1800: Introduction to Info Technology

CIS2000: Spreadsheet Apps

BUAD2200: Business Reports and Communication

BUAD3270: International Business

Advanced Business Elective 1

Advanced Business



CIS3100: Information Systems and Technology in Business

BUAD4900: Business Senior Seminar

MGT4300: Strategic Management and Policy

Advanced Business Elective 3

Advanced Business Elective 4

Advanced Business Elective 5

Advanced Business Elective 6


The courses completed by UA students in NSU will be transferred to their academic files as optative credits, which will be included in their registration in University of Alicante according to the procedure and period established for this, crediting the corresponding academic taxes. Students will also include in their UA registration all those courses required to complete the basic and compulsory credits to obtain the UA Degree in Business Administration.

The Final Project (22052) cannot be object of recognition according to the UA academic rules; therefore, it will be conducted following the rules and tutoring of UA professors.


International Double Degree between UA and Northwestern State University (USA)