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Within the internationalization strategy of the School of Economics and Business is the mobility of teaching and research staff and the teaching of subjects in English.
Below you can find useful information for lecturers interested in these areas:



The School of Economics and Business is firmly committed to internationalization. Proof of this is the increasing offer of COURSES IN ENGLISH within our Degrees.

In addition, the University of Alicante, in order to increase the multilingual character of the institution and facilitate language training of the university community, in application of the Language Policy Plan and the Plan for the Increase of Valencian and other languages (Governing Council of the UA, September 26, 2013), puts at the disposal of the involved PDI a series of resources for teaching in Valencian, English and other languages.

It is important that the teaching guides of the subjects taught in English or Valencian include the information in this language. To do this, when they are updated in the Virtual Campus, you must first select the language in which the data will be entered and follow the instructions to complete it.

If you are interested in teaching your subject in this language, you can contact Felipe Ruiz, Associate Dean of Internationalization and Mobility of our Faculty.



In order to recognize the language level of those students who will receive their lectures in Valencian or other languages, the teaching staff will have to prove that they have at least  B2 level of the teaching language.

The Language and Culture Service of the UA informs about the means to accredit the level of language and the internal accreditation tests of linguistic competencies, both in Valencian and in English, addressed to the teaching staff who teach these languages in the current course, or who wants to impart it in the future.




The Service of Languages and Culture of the UA offers the possibility of reviewing the content of the description of the subjects taught in Valencian and English by sending the text through the following application forms:




The UA Mobility Secretariat publishes annually the CALL FOR STAFF MOBILITY FOR TEACHING ASSIGNMENTS - STA, which aims to assign seats and grant financial aid to the lecturers of the University of Alicante to teach in higher education institutions attached to the Erasmus + program.

The management of the process will correspond to the Unit of PDI Mobility of the UA Mobility Secretariat.



The School of Economics through its Tutorial Action Program and attending the UA Regulation of Curriculum Adjustments establishes a learning contract with the student that implies the assumption of reciprocal commitments: on the one hand, the teacher is committed to the curriculum adjustments agreed, which, in no case, will suppose reduction neither in the professional competences (general and specific) nor modifications of the academic contents that each student must acquire and, on the other hand, the student commits to follow the indications of the lecturer. In the event that any of the parties fails to comply with the apprenticeship contract, the person responsible for the degree involved and, as the case may be, the student advisor, will be informed to take the appropriate measures.