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Logo INTERNATIONAL WEEK - School of Economics and Business, UA   INTERNATIONAL WEEK - School of Economics and Business, UA
INTERNATIONAL WEEK - School of Economics and Business, UA

International Week 2017


Photo album - International Week 2017


For the second consecutive year, the Vicedeanship for International Relations of the Faculty of Economic and Business organises the INTERNATIONAL WEEK, with more than thirty experts from international universities with the aim to exchange knowledge and experiences and contribute to the promotion of the mobility between our students in a multicultural environment.

The Faculty of Economics invites you  to know all the details of this event through the INTERNATIONAL WEEK website and encourages all students and lecturers and  the university community in general to enjoy this international experience by joining the activities that will take place between the 4 and 7 April in the Faculty of Economics building, which will become once again the centre of the international relations at our University.


Students will be able to attend all lectures free of charge and besides, they will have the option to obtain the recognition of 1 ECTS (pending approval Council of Government) selecting one of the packets composed by 5 specific sessions (minimum assistance 80%) through the following online form:



Term: 15 March to 3 April

(admission on a first received-first assigned basis)








Tuesday 4 April

10:00 - 11:00  REGISTRATION AND WELCOM for visiting lecturers


10:00 INAUGURATION OF THE PHOTO EXHIBITION: "ONE THOUSAND REASONS", with images taken by students from the Faculty of Economics all around the world


11:00 - 11:30  OPENING CEREMONY, with Juan Llopis, Vice President of International Relations of the University of Alicante and Juan Luis Nicolau, Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences (Salón de Grados).

11:30 - 12:30  "SURVIVAL SPANISH COURSE" for visiting lecturers

12:30 - 13:30  GUIDED TOUR ROUND UA CAMPUS  for visiting lecturers

15:00 - 17:00  GUIDED TOUR ROUND THE CITY OF ALICANTE  for visiting lecturers


Wednesday 5 April

9:00 – 10:30

Prof. Zacharova, Andrea (VYSOKA SKOLA MANAZMENTU, ESLOVAQUIA) - "Relationship between R&D and Productivity" (Salón de Grados)

Prof. Sontaite-Petkeviciene, Migle (VYTAUTAS MAGNUS UNIVERSITY, LITUANIA) - "How to create good brand identity?" (Aula Vicens Vives) - PACKET 2

Prof. Koblizkova, Andrea (UNIVERSITY OF PARDUBICE, REPÚBLICA CHECA)– "International Communication and Cultural Patterns in English mediated encounters" (Aula Ernest Lluch) - PACKET 4


10:45 – 12:15

Prof. Michelman, Jeffrey (UNIVERSITY OF NORTH FLORIDA, EEUU) - "Ethics and Fraud in American Business" (Salón de Grados) - PACKET 3

Prof. García Medina, Irene (GLASGOW CALEDONIAN UNIVERSITY, REINO UNIDO) – "Social Media Manager: differences in UK and Spain" (Aula Vicens Vives) -  PACKET 2

Prof. Schorn, Philipp (RHINE-WAAL UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, ALEMANIA) -  "The Impact of the Financial Crisis on European Companies - A Case Study Approach" (Seminario 1) - PACKET 5 / PACKET 4



12:30 – 14:00

Prof. Luczak, Jacek (POZNAN UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS, POLONIA) - "Risk management in processes. Continuous improvement" (Salón de Grados) - PACKET 6

Prof. Sulik-Górecka, Aleksandra (UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS IN KATOWICE, POLONIA)  - "The challenge of transfer pricing documentation" (Aula Vicens Vives) - PACKET 1

Prof. Caputo, Andrea (UNIVERSITY OF LINCOLN, REINO UNIDO) - "Negotiating to create value" (Aula Ernest Lluch) - PACKET 5

Prof. Romanelli, Mark (UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCE, AUSTRIA) - "Project Management – Critical Path Analysis with the Precedence Diagramming Method" (Seminario 1) - PACKET 3


14:15 – 15:30

Prof. Bolek, Tomasz (UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS IN KATOWICE, POLONIA): "Investing in commercial real estates" – (Aula Ernest Lluch) - PACKET 2

Prof. Stiller, Wojciech (BERLIN SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND LAW, ALEMANIA) - "International Tax Planning" (Seminario 1) - PACKET  1 / PACKET 6



Thursday 6 April

9:00 – 10:30   

Prof. Wagener, Andreas (HOF UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, ALEMANIA) – "Digital Marketing & Digital Business" (Aula Vicens Vives) - PACKET 2 / PACKET 6

Treptow, Ina (LEUPHANA UNIVERSITY LÜNEBURG, ALEMANIA) – "Measuring audit quality - current approaches in the empirical literature" (Aula Ernest Lluch)

Prof. Heffner, Krystian (OPOLE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, POLONIA) – "EU Regional and Cohesion Policy" (Seminario 1) - PACKET 1 


10-45 – 12.15

Prof. Payan Garcia, Silvia (EPHEC BUSINESS COLLEGE UNIVERSITY, BÉLGICA)  "What is the role of innovation in a business organization?" (Salón de Grados) 

Prof. Gross, Mathias (LEUPHANA UNIVERSITY LÜNEBURG, ALEMANIA) - "Mass Customization in the era of 3D-printing (Aula Vicens Vives) - PACKET 2

Prof. Rydzik, Agnieszka (UNIVERSITY OF LINCOLN, REINO UNIDO) - "“When I was little…”: Tourism Socialisation and making sense of childhood holiday memories" (Aula Ernest Lluch) - PACKET 4

Prof. Kuzior, Anna (UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS IN KATOWICE, POLONIA) – "Accounting Policies" (Seminario 1) - PACKET 1

Prof. Van den Berg, Ronald (STENDEN UNIVERSITY, HOLANDA -"Customer Journey Management" (Seminario 2) - PACKET 5 / PACKET3


12:30 – 14:00

Prof. El-Ansary, Adel (UNIVERSITY OF NORTH FLORIDA, EEUU) "Marketing is Dead! Long Live Marketing!" (Salón de Grados)

Prof. Polk, Andreas (BERLIN SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND LAW, ALEMANIA) - "Competition Policy in Europe: Limits to managerial freedom" (Aula Vicens Vives) - PACKET 5 / PACKET 6 

Prof. Krezolek, Dominik (UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS IN KATOWICE, POLONIA) – "Data Visualisation of Big Data" (Seminario 1) - PACKET 3 / PACKET 1

Prof. Dzwonkowska-Godula, Krystyna (UNIVERSITY OF LODZ, POLONIA) - "Social capital in gender perspective" (Aula Ernest Lluch) - PACKET 4


15:30 – 17:00

Prof. Marcin, Tomecki (UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS IN KATOWICE, POLONIA) - "Infraestructure investments in Poland" (Aula Vicens Vives) - PACKET 5

Prof. Grusevaja, Marina (RHEINMAIN UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCE, ALEMANIA) - "Quo Vadis Europa?" (Aula Ernest Lluch) - PACKET 4 / PACKET 6

Prof. Misniakiewicz, Malgorzata (CRACOW UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS, POLONIA) – "Food Product Development - why is it so hard to succeed?" (Seminario 1) - PACKET 3



Friday 7 April

9:00 – 10:30   

Prof. Prochniak, Mariusz. (SGH WARSAW SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, POLONIA) – "Theory of economic growth and the concept of real economic convergence" (Aula Vicens Vives)



11:00 – 12:00  CONFERENCE: "Good practices in Higher Education Capacity Building actions", Prof. Oana Driha (Salón de Grados)


12:30 – 13:30: CLOSING CEREMONY AND DIPLOMAS DELIVERY TO STUDENTS AND LECTURERS by Juan Luis Nicolau, Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences and Felipe Ruiz, Associate Dean for International Relations of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences (Salón de Grados).