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Mobility Out of Program (Free Exchange Students)


The Mobility Regulations for Students of the University of Alicante (BOUA 5 of November of 2010) contemplates the possibility to study in a foreign university out of the exchange programs summoned by the University of Alicante in the following terms:

The students can propose their own mobility projects to expand or improve their formative period in the same universities where they have already fulfilled an official exchange period or in other universities.

Those who wish to study in a foreign university will present their proposal to the Centres, who will have competition to approve both the whole project and the Academic Learning Agreement, applying the same principles that derive of this rule.

It will be exclusive competition of the students that promote these initiatives the management of their mobility and the acceptance application for the host university.

In no case, as these are individual initiatives, the students will have right to obtain grants or economic helps to cover their registration or accomodation expenses.


The students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences that take part in this kind of exchange must have a minimum of 60 credits passed (not applicable to students of master) and additionally they can be required a level B1 of the Common Frame of European Reference for Languages in the moment they begin their mobility period.
The passed courses will be recognised applying the same rules as the rest of exchange students. Therefore, to obtain the academic recognition students will have to apply for the mobility in the previous academic year to the exchange period, which will have to include necessarily:

  • Letter of acceptance of the Host University, which will specify the period and the conditions.
  • Favourable report of the Mobilty Coordinator of the Faculty specifying the learning agreement with the courses that the student will follow.



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