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  • The Faculty of Economics launches with their ..ternational dual degree programme in business

The Faculty of Economics launches with their counterparts at Louisiana (U.S.A.) its first international dual degree programme in business

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The Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Alicante bets on internationalisation and presents its first international dual degree program offered for Business Degree students. This is an international agreement with the Northwestern State University of Louisiana (U.S.), whose formalization took place on 12 December in an institutional act of simultaneous signature with the attendance of Enrique Herrero, Vice President of Studies and Training, Juan Llopis, Vice President of International Relations, Juan Luis Nicolau, Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, Bartolomé Marco, Associate Dean for Business Studies and Felipe Ruiz, Associate Dean for International Relations. During the act, that took place through videoconference, both institutions attendants focused on the increasing importance to adquire an international training to face a labour market increasingly globalized. 


Every year the Faculty of Economics will select a maximum of three students that will study in the Nothwestern State University during their fourth year of studies and will finalise their studies with two degrees: the Grado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas by University of Alicante and the Major in Business Administration by Northwestern State University, with all the advantages and recognitions that both institutions offer to their graduates. On a reciprocal basis, our university will receive a maximum of three American students who will equally obtain both degrees. This double degree won't imply an additional cost for our students, since they will only have to face the ordinary university fees of their registration at the University of Alicante, receiving additional finance to collaborate with the costs that involves this mobility. This initiative is a step forward in the offer of bilingual teaching for students of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences,  who already have the possibility to study a large part of their courses in English.

This pioneering dual degree program will allow our students to benefit from this extraordinary international experience, enjoying first-hand the academic and cultural aspects of the American university life and receiving a quality and prestige training, which will definitely contribute as a differentiating element to their academic curriculum.

According to the words of the promoters of this agreement at NSU, “this agreement is a wonderful opportunity for students, faculty and staff at both institutions. In a job market where internationalization is essential, this agreement provides enhanced cultural experiences, key global competencies and collaborations that will increase the already well-rounded education that our students receive.”




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