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Line 2: communication, behavior and society


MARINA VAZQUEZ BELÉNDEZ.Associate Professor. Director of the Group's research "Psychology Social and health" ( His research interests focus on the study of the psychosocial aspects of the health.

EMILIO GARCIA FELIU.Associate Professor. Two six of CNEAI research. Director of the research group on institutional, political advertising and Social (GEPIPS) of the University of Alicante. Priority lines of research: social advertising, institutional advertising, the advertising discourse, history of Spanish advertising analysis.

MARTA MARTIN LLAGUNO.University Professor. Professor of fundamentals of communication and ethics in the degree of advertising and communication at the Master of occupational risks. Director of the group "Cosoco" ( ) and member of the competitive group "Public health" ( ). His research interests focus in the resolution of problems through social and communication with special attention to health, gender and politics.

ENRIC MIRA PASTOR.Associate. Director of the Department of communication and psychology. Professor of theory of the image in the degree of advertising and public relations. Member of the research groups "cultural industries today: production, broadcasting, management and consumption of cultural products in the information age" (IICCXXI) and "media, speeches and audiovisual speech" (MEDEA). His research interests focus on the theory of photography, contemporary aesthetic thinking and the impact of digital media on the production, dissemination and use of photographic images.

MARIA J. ORTIZ.Professor of advertising and public relations degree and Master's degree in communication and creative industries. Directs the MEDEA research group: media, speeches and Audiovisual expression. Its main lines of research are the visual metaphor, the start-up image and the creative industries. He has published articles enMetaphor and Symbol, Journal of Pragmatics, Narrative and Image, communication and society, Zer: studies of communication, or think about advertising.

NATALIA PAPI GÁLVEZ.Associate, two six of CNEAI research. Director of the "group of studies of strategic communication (E-COM)" ( & type = S). Preferential lines: strategy and impact of advertising and its media; scientific production in communication; production studios and policies with gender perspective; and new communication technologies. a­-ga lvez/31/b2a/5a3.!

BASILIO PUEO ORTEGA.Associate Professor. A six-year period of research CNEAI. Priority lines of research: emerging technologies in communication, surround sound in the process of communication, audiovisual and multimedia technology, image analysis.


ANTONIO ALEDO. Head of environmental sociology. Lines of research: evaluation of the social impacts of projects, with special interest in tourism projects and major public works. The methodology used is based on a participatory approach with the inclusion of the local population. Other research topics are: Sociology of risk and natural disasters, methods and research techniques applied to environmental studies and tourism, social management in residential tourism, parks, environmental sociology theory and their socio-territorial effects. Your inquiries are mainly developed in Latin America: Brazil, Mexico, Panama and Nicaragua.

MARÍA TERESA ALGADO is Titular professor of the University of Alicante. PhD in political science and Sociology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Master in Social Gerontology at the University of Barcelona. He has been visiting in the Department of Sociology of the University of Yale (USA) and research visiting professor at the Institut D' études démographiques in Paris. He is author and co-author of numerous publications on various aspects of population and ageing.

RAQUEL HUETE NIEVES is a graduate and PhD in Sociology from the University of Alicante and a diploma in tourism by the official school of tourism of Madrid. Its main lines of research are: residential migrations related to tourism, the social perception of tourism, and industrial relations in tourism from the perspective of gender. More information:

ALEJANDRO MANTECÓN is PhD in sociology by the UA and master's degree in higher tourism studies by the IUSC of Barcelona. Main lines of research: tourism and social change in Spain; relations between tourism and urbanization; international migration leisure-oriented. His publications can be found at:

Thomas MAZÓN. Associate Professor. Professor of Sociology of tourism in the degree in tourism and in the Master's degree in direction and planning tourism. Director of the Chair of Tourist Studies “Pedro Zaragoza Orts” of the University of Alicante and member of the competitive team planning and sustainable management of tourism His research interests include tourism and urbanism.

BENJAMÍN OLTRA is Professor of Sociology (Sociology of culture and sociological theory) of the University of Alicante. He holds a degree in political science and Economics (Complutense de Madrid), Doctor in economic sciences (sociology) (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy in Sociology (Yale University, E. U.). Visiting Professor at various American and European universities. His latest book is Atlas of thought and social sciences in modern times. Madrid: Synthesis, 2014. In press.

JUAN ANTONIO ROCHE is Titular professor of the University of Alicante. PhD in sociology by the University of Alicante. His research interests are: Sociology of culture.Identity and culture, culture and globalization, multiculturalism, migration and culture, cultural meaning of love, of work, of the uncertainty; and arts Sociology: Sociology of theatre, music, painting, dance, sculpture. The arts as social and cultural mediators. Culture as a mediator of the arts.

RAUL RUIZ silent is a professor in the Department of Sociology I of the University of Alicante, which is currently a director and research associate of the Chaire de recherche in immigration, ethnicity et citoyenneté of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). He has been visiting professor and has conducted research in several European and American universities. His scientific publications addressing different aspects in the field of the sociology of population, social change, and health. E-mail:

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