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Tutorial Action Programme for students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences


The general aim of the PATEC is to offer you to the/ace students/ace a person of reference that support you and orient in your academic development, personal and in the adaptation to the context curricular and social university. If you inscribe you in this plan, engage you to assist to some meetings (between 3 and 5 along the academic course) with a group reduced of mates/ace. Also you will be able to request, if it was necessary, individual meetings with your tutor/to.

If you want to know more on the Programme of action Tutorial of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences can put you in contact with:


Adaptation Curricular of the UA

The adaptations curriculares are educational strategies to facilitate the process of education-learning to the alumnado with specific educational needs.


Announcement for Alumnado-Tutor - Course 2017/18


Diary of Activities

It is important that review your institutional post, or redirect it to another personal post.
The communications between the student and the tutor/to realise to your institutional post of the University ( If you already have of another direction of post, will find in webmail the information of how redirect to your personal post the messages that send you the University to your institutional post.


Form of Registration of Students 2017/18

If you wish to inscribe you can do it in the following FORM.

IMPORTANT: If already you have inscribed you through your matrícula in virtual campus, is not necessary that fill up again this form. Your tutor assigned will put in contact with you.

Frequent questions


Commission of the Programme of action Tutorial


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