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Másteres University Official

Access and Preinscripción - Course 2017/18

According to the Rule of the University of Alicante ( BOUA of 20 December 2012 ), to access to the official educations of Máster University will be necessary:

  1. Be in possession of an OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY TITLE SPANISH or another issued by an institution of upper education of the EEES (European Space of Upper Education) that empower in the country dispatcher of the title for the access to educations of Máster.
  2. Be in possession of a TITLE OF UPPER EDUCATION FOREIGNER that have been RECOGNISED to the title that allows to access to the studies requested.
  3. Be in possession of a UNIVERSITY TITLE obtained in a University or Centre of Upper Education of PAISES EXTRANEOUS To THE EEES, without need of the previous homologation of his studies. In this supposition it is necessary to take into account:
  • The no recognised Title requires a technical report of equivalence issued by the University of Alicante (CONTINUOUS - Centre of Continuous Training ), by which will have to credit the tax correpondiente (155,22 %u20AC - Information extracted of the Decree 110/2012, of 6 July, DOGV of 9 July 2012 )
  • The access by this road will not involve, in no case, the homologation of the previous title that it was in possession the/the interested/to, neither his recognition to other effects that the one of cursar the educations of máster university.

In the procedure of matrícula, the documents issued abroad will have to be official and be properly legalised and translated


The alumnado that fulfil the requirements of access will be able to request his admission in any of the official educations of máster university. The alumnado will be admitted to a máster official determined attending to the number of squares offered and to the specific requirements and criteria of assessment of merits that, in his case, establish the memory of verification of said máster, between which will be able to appear requirements of previous training expecífica in some disciplines or of complementary training. It consults the information of the máster in which you are interested to inform you on east and other subjects.

The Academic Commission of each Máster will be the manager to realise the baremación and selection of all the applications presented.


The Centre of Continuous Training of the University of Alicante (CONTINUOUS) is the competent university organ that manages the preinscripción to all the Másteres University Official.

The application of square realises through the form of preinscripción that will find in the page of CONTINUOUS .

  • 1ª phase of preinscripción: of 7 April to 30 May 2017.
    • Listing of admitted-excluded and lists of wait
    • The candidates in "list of pending wait of documentation" will have to present said documentation in the period of claims (of the 9/06 to the 13/06), of not to do it like this will have to go back to preinscribirse and be baremados again with the rest of candidates of the phase 2, what does not guarantee that they follow admitted.

      Claims: 9 to 13 June

  • DOCUMENTATION that has to attach to the application of preinscripción on-line:
  • Title of access or justificante of the credit of the taxes of expedition of the same (this document is indispensable to formalise the preinscripción)
  • Document of identity: DNI / NIE / Passport
  • Personal academic certification (for the titled by the University of Alicante will suffice with the informative index card that it can obtain through Virtual Campus)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Justificante Of the payment of tax of study of equivalence for titled foreigners without title recognised (facilitates in the Centre of Continuous Training).
  • Besides, of the previous, the Academic Commissions of each one of the Másteres will be able to request other additional documents. Thus, it recommends visit the web page of the Máster in which it was interested/to.

This documentation presents exclusively by internet , going up it in the corresponding section of the form of preinscripción. The definite admission will be conditioned to the back comprobación of the original documentation and of the academic requirements demanded to formalise the matrícula.

To formalise the matrícula , the one who result admitted will have to present all the ORIGINAL documentation in the Office of the Centre.
The documents issued abroad will have to be official and be properly legalised and translated .

Matrícula - Course 2017/18

Once admitted, the process of matrícula manages in the Office of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Empresairiales (Building Germán Bernácer)

They exist three modalities of matrícula, complete, partial and reduced. Rule of Permanence and Continuation in Máster Official

Másteres University Official

Scholarships and helps for studies of postgrado
Commission of Postgrado of the Faculty

Other studies: Doctorate and own Titles

Másteres University Official (extinguished)

  • D012 Máster Official in Accounting and Finances
  • D014 Máster Official in Direction and Planning of the Tourism
  • D015 Máster Official in Quantitative Economy
  • D017 Máster Official in Márqueting and Investigation of Markets

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