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Formalities and queries

We want to help you to that your formalities with us are more comfortable without need to displace you. To continuation have them all grouped by subjects; if you puncture in the + of the right will deploy the formalities of the group.



You can choose any one of the following options:


In fulfillment of the Law of Data protection of Personal Character inform you that all the data that request in our forms will be treated with the maximum confidentiality and according to the valid rule.


The answer to your application will realise exclusively to your institutional post of the UA ( ). In webmail will find the form to redirect it to your personal post.

And-ADMINISTRATION: UA Cloud > CV And-Administration > Formalities

If you do not remember the password of access to UA CloudCV , can contact with the Office so that they facilitate you a new password.


To collect any academic document (informative index card, academic certificate,...) It is necessary that:

  • You identify you presenting your TIU, DNI, NIE or Passport .
  • Or you authorise to another person (has to present copy of your DNI and the DNI original of the person authorised).


It consults our schedule of attention to the public

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For further information:, and for enquiries on this web server:

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